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Starline Moving and Storage provide the most affordable moving & storage pricing rates throughout the Fairfax VA area. We guarantee the high quality of the services that we offer, and we assure you that they will meet your requirements. Since 1996, we have maintained a reliable staff, which is ready to execute every possible moving or storage project and transportation project within the shortest deadlines. We serve both residential and commercial clients who need to move their household or office items to a new location. Our moving trucks are professionally equipped with lifting platforms. Not only do our movers use these trucks, but they are also available for customers to rent.

Packed box ready to be moved and stored

By contacting our long distance movers in Fairfax VA, you can get advice on your relocation for free. Should you request a free inspection at your property, we will be more than happy to attend the site at a time convenient for you. Whether you need transportation of personal belongings or storage service, what you have to do is just call Fairfax Starline Moving and Storage. We guarantee you that our professional team will perform your project in a timely and efficient manner. Our movers sincerely hope for a peaceful moving project and kindly ask you to relax or attend to more urgent matters while they work. Thanks to our immense experience and preparation skill, we can move your apartment, house, or office quickly without damage for loss. Our drivers have the necessary licenses and can ensure the success of your move regardless of how difficult access to your property may be.

Our moving company, Fairfax Starline Moving and Storage provide either complete or partial hauling depending on your needs. Our services include assembly of furniture, packing of items, transportation of various objects, storage of valuables, and supplies used in the process. Our professional assistance, skill set, and conciseness about the work help us move quickly, easily, and conveniently while you save time, money, and effort. By entrusting us with your moving & storage service needs, you get high quality results and competitive pricing quotes. Whether you need to move a grand piano or safe, the procedure will require hard work, experience, and ample planning skill to be accomplished correctly. Our professionals have all of these qualities and perform their duties with ardent desire and pleasure.

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