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Are you prepared for the big move?

If you are ready to go with a new home in Fairfax VA, it will be necessary to consult a team of highly regarded movers. When you’re done with the long awaited farewells to your neighbors, the next step is to hire a reliable moving & storage service provider. Fairfax Starline Moving and Storage has the best professionals in the area who will gladly assist you in moving your valuables either short or long distance. Our moving company has been serving residential and commercial owners since 1996. During this period of time, we have helped thousands of clients relocate successfully. Additionally our reputation has rapidly grown from only a few customers into a whole community. Thanks to our unequaled as well as affordable marketing prices and top-of-the-line moving services in Fairfax VA, we’ve managed to remain prosperous.

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Moving & storage is a task that is both scary and tiresome.

No one wants to spend large amounts of time as well as money in filling,pulling, pushing, lifting and emptying all kinds of items or boxes. To add to this, long distance moves from one location to another can be an unwanted strain on your health and your wallet. Moving also requires a variety of different supplies including boxes and packaging tape. The additional costs that may arise at a certain point in time can certainly put a strain on your finances. When you hire our long distance moversin Fairfax VA, this won’t seem to be a problem any longer. With Fairfax Starline Moving and Storage, you will bundle the expenses into one reasonably priced package.

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Fairfax Starline Moving and Storage carries many years of experience in both planning and preparation. These are two of the most prominent characteristics of a successful move. Our movers will take the time to plan everything in detail and prepare the things that may be needed during the process. Let us handle your case while you relax or enjoy your moving day. Whether you need long-distance or same day services, furniture or appliances relocating, we’ve got it all covered. We offer the most competitive prices throughout Fairfax VA. We also compliment these pricing rates with speed to avoid wasting your precious time. We know how crucial it is for our customers to keep up with their schedule, so we will waste no time in loading, packing, and transporting your belongings.

Our professionals will take special care of your items. We take great pride in the high quality of our services and also in our cost effective solutions to customers needs. Our movers have undergone an extensive training course and certification to ensure that they are professional in everything they do. We guarantee you that nothing will be lost or missing when employing our service.

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